psychotherapy AND CounseLling in Squamish, BC & Online

A journey of self-discovery and growth

Our challenges can sometimes feel like we’re struggling to come up for air, that we’re losing ourselves in a tangle of overwhelm, fear, and numbness, and that we’re all alone.
You are not alone—change is possible.

Counselling Process

I believe in the potential for counseling to change lives creating new possibilities for peace, purpose, and vitality. You are invited to join me in constructing the safety and challenge necessary for change.

Your Story

We begin with who you are, your experiences, and what you are hoping to change with counselling.

Your Goals

Together, we formulate goals for our work that are realistic and attuned to you.

The Work

We work with your strengths to bring awareness to the beliefs, behaviours, and somatic responses that are no longer serving you and practice new ways of being that are aligned with your goals.

Support & Reinforcement

We embed the changes that you’ve realized throughout other aspects of your life and explore additional resources to support you on the next phase of your journey.

Hi, I’m Sarah

MA, RCC | (she/her)

I am a clinical counsellor, educator, and researcher. My background in community development, yoga, advocacy, and education shapes my counselling practice. My approach is a body-focused talk therapy. 


"If we surrendered to the earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees."

Rainer Maria Rilke

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